Our Mission:   To provide peace of mind to family members with loved ones in nursing homes through an affordable and effective service monitoring their care so that abuse and neglect are prevented or detected early.
    Learn how Nursing Home Guardians can help prevent neglect.

    Problems Even in Best Nursing Homes

    Why Do Problems Happen in Even the Best Nursing Homes? There are many reasons for this growing concern. Some nursing homes put profits over patients.

    Susan’s Story – Monitoring and Early Detection

    How a daughter learned that even in a five star nursing home, visiting isn’t enough. This story illustrates several important principles: Issues can occur regardless

    Why Visiting isn’t Enough

    We all know the most important thing a family can do is to visit their loved one in a nursing home. Unfortunately visiting isn’t enough.

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    Learn how Nursing Home Guardians can help prevent neglect. We have developed a service that reduces the chance that your parent will be a victim

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    Statistics Worth Seeing


    Nursing Homes in the U.S.
    NH Data Compendium 2013, pg.36


    Reported Falls
    NH Data Compendium 2013, pg.190


    % of Nursing Homes w/Violations
    NH Data Compendium 2013 pg.79

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